What is MyFrenchPublicLawyer ?

MyFRENCHPUBLICLAWYER allows foreign persons (individuals, companies, others) with direct or indirect interests in France or with France to have a corresponding lawyer who will deal with all their legal and judicial issues with the French public authorities.

MyFRENCHPUBLICLAWYER accompanies you to defend your projects and your interests in all your interactions with the public authorities. He also assists you in all French administrative and para-administrative jurisdictions.

Obviously you maintain control of your file directly or through your usual board.


To expose your problem to MyFrenchPublicLawyer, nothing else is simpler :

1st step
Ask for a quote

2nd step
Get a response within 48 hours
A reply will be sent to you on the basis of the intervention, its feasibility as well as the financial conditions and an operational contact.

3rd step
Validate the intervention
This validation will take the form of a signature of an agreement established in accordance with the rules of professional ethics of the lawyer


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